Dec 21, 2013/07:27 PM

Candidata Demócrata Apoya a los Latinos | Telemundo


Una posición se abrió en el senado estatal cuando el ahora ex Senador Mark Herring fue elegido para ser el nuevo fiscal general de Virginia. Read more here.

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Dec 9, 2013/10:22 AM

Virginia prepares for new voter photo ID law | Richmond Times Dispatch


By Markus Schmidt, With implementation of Virginia’s new voter ID law seven months away, state election officials are scrambling to affordably create a photo ID card that will be provided to voters for free. Read more here.

Nov 21, 2013/02:37 PM

TWU, cabbies slam recommended taxi regulations | Alexandria Times


By Erich Wagner, Tenants and Workers United, which advocates on behalf of local cabbies, is lambasting the controversial findings of a city task force charged with overhauling taxi industry regulations. Read more here.

Nov 14, 2013/09:58 AM

Immigration reform advocates urge action from Cantor | Richmond Times Dispatch


By Olympia Meola, While health care is the topic of conversation in Washington, advocates of immigration reform are pushing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on the issue at home. Read more here.

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Nov 7, 2013/10:27 AM

What Clinton, Christie, Biden, Cruz & Co. Can Learn From 2013 | Huffington Post


By Heather Smith, Tuesday night’s election results were a lot to take in — especially if you’re one of the Beltway creatures still clinging to low expectations for the political participation of Millennials. Read more here.

Nov 7, 2013/10:26 AM

What Will Virginia’s New Governor Do About Felony Disenfranchisement? | Colorlines


By Brentin Mock, Democrat Terry McAuliffe defeated his Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli Tuesday in the Virginia governor’s race and the differences between the two candidates stances on most social issues couldn’t have been greater. Read more here.

Nov 6, 2013/10:32 AM

Voter ID Laws in Action: “Looks Like I Don’t Get to Vote Today” | Mother Jones


By Dana Liebelson, When voters across America hit the polls yesterday, many eyes were on Texas, which has faced recent criticism that its new voter ID law could make it harder for women to vote. But plenty of other states have passed restrictive voter ID laws recently. Read more here.

Nov 5, 2013/04:57 PM

Virginia’s Racist Voter ID Law is a Chilling Step Towards Jim Crow America | Policy Mic


By Qasim Rashid, Virginia made history in 1990, when Doug Wilder became America’s first Black governor. Yet, today in 2013, you’d think Virginians were fighting to repeal discriminatory voting laws that existed in the lingering Jim Crow era of 1913.

Nov 5, 2013/11:16 AM

Nonviolent Ex-Felon Votes for the First Time | WRIC Richmond


By Josh Landon, 40-year-old Darrell Gooden walked to the voting poll today with his two sons and voted for very first time. Read more here.

Nov 3, 2013/04:53 PM

Va. Group Alarmed over Voter Rolls ‘Purge’ | Washington Informer


By Margaret Summers, Virginia’s State Board of Elections is poised to remove up to 57,000 names of registered voters from the rolls only days before the Tuesday, Nov. 5 elections for governor and all House of Delegates’ seats.