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Oct 23, 2014/12:39 PM

Rush is on to prepare Americans for new voting laws


By William Douglas McClatchy Washington Bureau October 23, 2014 WASHINGTON — Less than two weeks before Americans go to the polls, a scramble is on to educate voters and election officials nationwide about a spate of new voting laws that could affect turnout and impact key gubernatorial and Senate races. The hodgepodge of education efforts, in states such as North …

Sep 3, 2014/12:17 PM

Northern Virginia welcomes children from the border in the metropolitan area


Washington D.C. ( Entravision ) – They plan a welcome for immigrant children who have been displaced from the border to our area. Lilian Mass with details. See Video Also see news coverage on Hola Cuidad! Deliver school supplies to unaccompanied children in Northern Virginia Authorities in northern Virginia are joined together with local organizations to offer a warm welcome …

Aug 7, 2014/06:08 PM

Virginia elections board makes voter ID requirements more stringent


 The Washington Post By Jenna Portnoy August 7 at 8:23 AM Adding fuel to an already contentious debate over voter identification laws, Virginia’s State Board of Elections decided this week that voters must present a current photo ID or one that has expired within the past year to cast a ballot. The Republican-controlled board voted 2 to 0 Wednesday, with …

Jul 23, 2014/06:56 PM

Virginia Rally In Support Of Medicaid Expansion with NC “Walking Mayor”


RALLY TO EXPAND MEDICAID! Join us for a rally in Woodbridge this Saturday as we welcome the “Walking Mayor,” Adam O’Neal. He will be nearing the end of his 300-mile trek from Belhaven, NC to Washington, DC that highlights the impact of closing the coverage gap on local communities. O’Neal became an outspoken critic of the failure to expand Medicaid …

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Jul 16, 2014/09:59 AM

Nguyen: Making voting hassle-free


Nguyen: Making voting hassle-free PILOTONLINE.COM By Tram Nguyen © July 16, 2014 The principle of American democracy rests on the idea that each person has a vote that is cast and counted equally, regardless of who they are or where they come from. There’s no haggling over the rights of any registered voter to vote, and any attempt to do …

Nov 6, 2012/02:29 AM

Everything you need to vote


The polls open in less than 11 hours. You and other voters in Virginia will play a huge role in deciding who is in the White House for the next four years. And there is so much at stake here in the Commonwealth. We have more work to do to get out the vote, but we here at VNM want …

Nov 2, 2012/07:24 PM

Exposed! Voter Intimidation and Fraud from the Right Wing!


Did you see someone being turned away from voting? Did you have problems at your polling pace? Call 866-OUR-VOTE to report any problems and post the story at The Tea Party-affiliated organization, True the Vote has promised to recruit thousands of volunteers to help hand conservatives a victory at the polls this November. Their methods? They intend to deceive …

Sep 12, 2012/06:39 PM

Cornel and Tavis live! Watch here.


Watch live as Cornel West and Tavis Smiley talk about what we all can do to fight poverty and win a better Virginia. Stay tuned at 11am as our very own Tram Nguyen takes the stage. Broadcasting live with Ustream

Mar 1, 2012/07:00 PM

The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Virginia’s Demographic Changes and Immigration Politics | Center for American Progress

Election, Virginia

via Center for American Progress. By Vanessa Cárdenas, Angela Maria Kelley Virginia is experiencing significant population changes, particularly among its communities of color. The commonwealth’s demographic shift is representative of what many say will be our nation’s future by 2042, as people of color are becoming the majority in Virginia. Already groups like Latinos and Asians play a significant role …

Mar 1, 2012/12:32 PM

How the South Carolina ‘dead voters’ hoax collapsed | The Institute for Southern Studies


Last month, officials in South Carolina, facing resistance from the Department of Justice to [Voter-ID_0] their new voter ID law, concocted a ghoulish tale of dead voters taking over the state’s elections.

As was suspected from the beginning, the fevered stories of “zombie voters” turned out to be fantasy. This week, state elections officials reviewed 207 of the supposed 950 cases of dead people voting, and couldn’t confirm fraud in any of them. 106 stemmed from clerical errors at the polls, and another 56 involved bad data — the usual culprits when claims of dead voters have surfaced in the past.

So the question is, how did this cheap B-movie fiction make it into the public debate in the first place?