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Oct 23, 2014/12:39 PM

Rush is on to prepare Americans for new voting laws


By William Douglas McClatchy Washington Bureau October 23, 2014 WASHINGTON — Less than two weeks before Americans go to the polls, a scramble is on to educate voters and election officials nationwide about a spate of new voting laws that could affect turnout and impact key gubernatorial and Senate races. The hodgepodge of education efforts, in states such as North …

Aug 20, 2014/11:40 AM

Voter ID: GOP win in Southwest Virginia Senate race secures Republican control of legislature


Virginia Politics GOP win in Southwest Virginia Senate race secures Republican control of legislature By Laura Vozzella and Wesley Robinson August 19 at 10:35 PM RICHMOND — Republican A. Benton Chafin Jr. won a state Senate seat Tuesday that secured GOP control of the General Assembly, dimming Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s legislative prospects and erasing the last vestige of blue from …

Aug 7, 2014/06:08 PM

Virginia elections board makes voter ID requirements more stringent


 The Washington Post By Jenna Portnoy August 7 at 8:23 AM Adding fuel to an already contentious debate over voter identification laws, Virginia’s State Board of Elections decided this week that voters must present a current photo ID or one that has expired within the past year to cast a ballot. The Republican-controlled board voted 2 to 0 Wednesday, with …

Jul 16, 2014/09:59 AM

Nguyen: Making voting hassle-free


Nguyen: Making voting hassle-free PILOTONLINE.COM By Tram Nguyen © July 16, 2014 The principle of American democracy rests on the idea that each person has a vote that is cast and counted equally, regardless of who they are or where they come from. There’s no haggling over the rights of any registered voter to vote, and any attempt to do …

Nov 14, 2012/01:59 PM

From Margin to Center*: Virginia and the New Southern Battleground


by Jon Liss For 50 years Virginia and the South have been relegated to political backwater on the margins of history.   With our racially polarized voting patterns, systemic disenfranchisement of people of color, relative absence of unions or social justice institutions, and two dominant political parties generally competing for the same mythic white middle class male voter – no one …

Nov 6, 2012/02:29 AM

Everything you need to vote


The polls open in less than 11 hours. You and other voters in Virginia will play a huge role in deciding who is in the White House for the next four years. And there is so much at stake here in the Commonwealth. We have more work to do to get out the vote, but we here at VNM want …

Nov 2, 2012/07:24 PM

Exposed! Voter Intimidation and Fraud from the Right Wing!


Did you see someone being turned away from voting? Did you have problems at your polling pace? Call 866-OUR-VOTE to report any problems and post the story at The Tea Party-affiliated organization, True the Vote has promised to recruit thousands of volunteers to help hand conservatives a victory at the polls this November. Their methods? They intend to deceive …

Oct 9, 2012/10:16 PM

400,000 Virginians that Definitely won’t Turnout on November 6th

10-9-2012 11-02-52 PM

Over 7% of Virginia’s adults are denied their most fundamental democratic right – the right to vote.

Sep 12, 2012/05:24 PM

This Election: What you need to know.


Know Virginia’s New Law! Bring ID + Make Your Vote Count! In 2012, Virginia’s legislature passed new restrictions on voters to prevent voters from exercising their voting rights. Groups from all over Virginia rallied to defeat the worst of those laws, but some changes were still made. Read below to find out what you need to know this fall to …

Aug 15, 2012/06:48 PM

Now Hiring! Field Directors in NoVA, Richmond, and the Tidewater!


Virginia New Majority is building power for progressive change in Virginia.  We are Virginia’s leading civic engagement organization mobilizing and organizing thousands of voters.  Our year-round approach to organizing involves mass scale voter outreach, linked to intensive leadership development.  We are currently organizing a statewide campaign to expand the electorate and to build a stronger social safety net. We are …

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