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Jul 23, 2014/06:56 PM

Virginia Rally In Support Of Medicaid Expansion with NC “Walking Mayor”


RALLY TO EXPAND MEDICAID! Join us for a rally in Woodbridge this Saturday as we welcome the “Walking Mayor,” Adam O’Neal. He will be nearing the end of his 300-mile trek from Belhaven, NC to Washington, DC that highlights the impact of closing the coverage gap on local communities. O’Neal became an outspoken critic of the failure to expand Medicaid …

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Jul 16, 2014/09:59 AM

Nguyen: Making voting hassle-free


Nguyen: Making voting hassle-free PILOTONLINE.COM By Tram Nguyen © July 16, 2014 The principle of American democracy rests on the idea that each person has a vote that is cast and counted equally, regardless of who they are or where they come from. There’s no haggling over the rights of any registered voter to vote, and any attempt to do …

Mar 12, 2013/01:47 PM

Advocacy groups urge McDonnell to veto voter ID bills | Augusta Free Press


The ACLU of Virginia and more than a dozen other groups concerned about voting rights today sent a letter to Governor Bob McDonnell urging him to veto legislation that imposes stricter identification requirements at the polls, which the groups expect will limit eligible voters’ access on Election Day. Read more here.

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Feb 4, 2013/08:10 PM

Report: Richmond’s Healthcare for All Townhall Meeting


By Noah Feldman On a cold, windy night in Richmond more than 25 people showed to talk about what we can do to extend Medicaid to more than 400,000 Virginians this year. The event was incredibly exciting. Prominent members of the Healthcare field were there as well as people in the community who care deeply about the struggle. We held …

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Nov 14, 2012/01:59 PM

From Margin to Center*: Virginia and the New Southern Battleground


by Jon Liss For 50 years Virginia and the South have been relegated to political backwater on the margins of history.   With our racially polarized voting patterns, systemic disenfranchisement of people of color, relative absence of unions or social justice institutions, and two dominant political parties generally competing for the same mythic white middle class male voter – no one …

Oct 9, 2012/10:16 PM

400,000 Virginians that Definitely won’t Turnout on November 6th

10-9-2012 11-02-52 PM

Over 7% of Virginia’s adults are denied their most fundamental democratic right – the right to vote.

Sep 12, 2012/06:39 PM

Cornel and Tavis live! Watch here.


Watch live as Cornel West and Tavis Smiley talk about what we all can do to fight poverty and win a better Virginia. Stay tuned at 11am as our very own Tram Nguyen takes the stage. Broadcasting live with Ustream

Aug 3, 2012/05:47 PM

On the Ground and Online in Richmond


20 activists from around the country have converged in Richmond, VA to organize people from across the city to fight for healthcare and voting rights for all. Follow their adventures here: //

Jul 13, 2012/05:15 PM

Southern governors sacrificing their economies | The Institute for Southern Studies


INSTITUTE INDEX: Will Southern governors sacrifice their economies by seceding from the Medicaid expansion? Read more here.

May 10, 2012/05:27 PM

We’re Hiring! Northern Virginia Organizer


Virginia New Majority – Northern Virginia Organizer Virginia New Majority is building power for progressive change in Virginia.  We are Virginia’s leading civic engagement organization mobilizing and organizing thousands of voters.  Our year-round approach to organizing involves mass scale voter outreach, linked to intensive leadership development and chapter –building.  We are currently organizing two statewide campaigns to expand the electorate …

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